Invited Speakers

At Ecom India Summit, you will hear from leading international Amazon & ecommerce experts.

Mike Jackness

Mike Jackness has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He co-founded ColorIt, an adult coloring book company, which he grew to 8-figures in revenue before selling it in 2019.

He also founded IceWraps, an e-commerce store that sells ice wraps and hot/cold therapy products. Mike is known for his expertise in e-commerce, specifically in the areas of marketing and scaling businesses.

Dvir Cohen

Dvir Cohen is the CEO of ez-commerce.net.  He is also a 7-figure seller and an owner of 3 successful e-commerce brands.He is an entrepreneur and e-commerce expert with a wealth of experience in building successful online businesses.

Dvir and his team have helped countless businesses around the world to achieve success and generate revenue on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Home Depot and more. In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Dvir is also a prolific writer with over 130 children’s Kindle eBooks to his name.

Dave Bryant

Dave Bryant has been involved in e-commerce since 2009 and has extensive experience in sourcing, importing, and selling products online. He sold his ecommerce brand in 2016 for 7 figures.

Dave is known for his expertise in product sourcing and has a wealth of knowledge on how to find profitable products to sell online.

Chandni Nihalani

Chandni currently leads the commercial business for PayPal India, helping Indian merchants go global.

A problem solver at heart, she brings 15+ years of operating experience across India & US, across diverse leadership roles in Product, Marketing, Operations and Sales.

She is passionate about zero to one growth, building & leading teams that are solving complex problems and entering new markets. 

Ritu Java

Ritu Java is the CEO and Co-founder of PPC Ninja that provides Amazon PPC Software to agencies and brands along with PPC Management Services. Ritu leads the team that manages Amazon Sponsored and DSP Advertising for 6, 7, 8 figure sellers. She has been in the eCommerce space since 2010 and has guided hundreds of Amazon sellers on the intricacies of Amazon Advertising.

Shawn Hart

Shawn Hart is the Co-founder of Post Purchase Pro  has an extensive entrepreneurial background that includes roadside sales and Rap music, among other things. One of his current projects is helping clients navigate sourcing from China with hosted sourcing trips. Shawn, together with his business partner Jason Fladlien, shared lessons learned from 15+ years and over $100 million worth of products sold that were sourced from China

John Polidon

John Polidan

John is President and CEO of UFM Underwear For Men, FBMFulfillment and Suresourcemfg. He has more than 40 years of multi-industry, multi-discipline business experience, including automotive, packaging, plastics, building products, consumer electronics and apparel industries. John specializes in reducing costs while improving quality and customer service through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma concepts.

Meghla BHardwaj

Meghla Bhardwaj

Meghla Bhardwaj is Co-Founder of India Sourcing Network She has over 20 years of experience in the Asia sourcing industry. She is passionate about helping global Amazon and ecommerce sellers discover unique products to source from India. She has been interviewed on over a hundred podcasts and webinars about the benefits of importing made-in-India products. 

Margaret Jolly

Margaret Jolly

Margaret is Co-Founder of India Sourcing Network, and a successful and experienced Amazon seller, giving her first-hand knowledge of the daily challenges faced by online sellers. Together with her partner, Kevin, she has been actively buying products from India for over four years. She is also a coach on India Sourcing Trip and offers one-on-one coaching to other sellers.

Chris thomas - Ecom India Summit

Chris Thomas

Chris is the founder of Amzn Sales, and has been selling his own products and has been heavily involved in online retail since 2001. In 2013 he launched a successful Kickstarter project raising over US$110,000 for a new product idea he’d developed. He launched his products on Amazon in March 2015 and they quickly took off once he’d figured out how Amazon’s search engine worked. He has also bought and sold multiple Amazon FBA businesses over the last few years.

Aaron Hughes

Aaron is originally from Arkansas and has been working in the Indian sourcing industry since 2014. 

In 2018, he began his ecommerce journey with just $2,000, and grew the company to $105,000 in the first 9 months and is on pace to grow 2.5x in 2019.

Aaron now mainly focuses on a new startup called E-Commerce Wala, an Indian-based Amazon brand accelerator. 

They help brands get exposure and sales on Amazon, and provides off-shoot services like photography, content writing, PPC, etc.

Kamalavel Rajendran

Kamalavel Rajendran is the CEO of Mallow Technologies, which is a information technology and services company and has its headquarters in India. Mallow-tech.com has 69 employees. It was founded in 2010.

Rachna Singh

 With over 3 decades of experience in home lifestyle products, Rachna Singh is a design and trend analysis expert.

She has successfully promoted Indian handcrafted items in the US and Europe across 20+ home categories, collaborating with renowned retail chains like Cost Plus, Pier1, and BHS in the UK.

Sammy Akhtar

Sammy is Co-Founder of Regro Media. He has been in Amazon space from 2017 when he started selling on Amazon. After a few years, he created Regro Media, a full service Amazon agency helping Amazon brands scale. 

Rohit Chaudhary

Rohit is a seasoned e-commerce professional with over a decade of hands-on experience in selling across various online platforms.

However, his true specialization lies in Etsy, where he has spent the majority of his career. Recognized as a subject matter expert in Etsy selling, he has successfully grown businesses, optimized listings, and developed winning strategies that have consistently exceeded sales targets.

His in-depth knowledge of Etsy’s unique ecosystem, from SEO optimization to customer engagement, has made him a trusted resource for those seeking to excel in this niche marketplace.

Amar Lingala

Amar Lingala is the CEO of ShipGlobal, which is a Freight & Logistics Services company.

ShipGlobal US is a team of experienced professionals who had set up FirstFlight USA, 20 years ago, starting a dream run with fashion district in Midtown Manhattan before spreading its wings across the country. 

ShipGlobal US brings the same personal care and meticulous attention to every single shipment as its predecessor, which made us one of the most reliable domestic and international shipping partners, immensely trusted by the business community.

Amar Bedi

Amar embarked on his Ecommerce journey, dedicating six months to comprehensive training in New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles (LA).

During this intensive period, he acquired a deep understanding of Ecommerce, particularly in the context of Amazon, and learned the strategies employed by top-tier businesses.

His mission is to disseminate wisdom, inspire action, enhance society, and bring out the best in individuals.

Kulbahar Tiwana

Kulbahar Singh Tiwana, a 7-figure (USD) ecommerce seller from India who began his selling journey with limited investment. 
He started selling online in 2015 and on Amazon, in 2018. He currently sells on the US, UK, Europe and Australia marketplaces and sources all his products from India.
Kulbahar is an expert in commercial exports and CSB-V (ecommerce exports). 

Rajat Gupta

Rajat is Business Partner at Panoramic Sourcing India – a fashion accessories sourcing company. 

He has 15 years’ of experience in sourcing, order management, sampling, vendor management and import documentation. 

He is skilled in implementing cost reduction measures to achieve savings in terms of material procurement & in-house processing. 

Global brands he has sourced for include Tom Tailor, Abercrombie & Fitch, Roots Canada, Aritizia, Prana, Drykorn, Celio.

Dolon Banerjee

Dolon boasts over two decades of extensive involvement in the freight and logistics sector. Her expertise spans across various facets of shipping, cultivated through her tenure with renowned shipping giants such as CMA and ZIM.

Dolon’s forwarding acumen has been employed in leadership roles, encompassing pricing strategies and customer service management.

Notably, she played a pivotal role in establishing SEAIR’s Delhi branch, elevating it to a crucial and indispensable component within the SEAIR Group.