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Oct 8-9, 2023 / India Expo Mart & Centre, Greater Noida

Oct 7: Pre-event workshop on using AI in ecommerce
Ecom India Summit October 2023

Join top global thought leaders, experts and educators for 2 days of learning, networking and GROWTH! This is India’s ONLY conference & expo focused on ecom EXPORTS.


After roaring success of the inaugural Ecom India Summit, we are back with the second edition of the event. 

Global ecommerce continues to grow, and so too do the opportunities to grow your business. Whether you are an experienced and large brand or manufacturer that wishes to expand their sales globally in an easy way, or a new seller that wants to learn how to leverage global marketplaces to makes sales: Ecom India Summit is for YOU!

Join us for two days of LEARNING, NETWORKING, and GROWTH! From top international experts to a range of service providers coming to showcase their solutions, this event is THE place to learn, connect and go global!

Why Attendees Love Ecom India Summit

Highlights from the Previous Event

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Invited Speakers

Ecom India Summit

Mike Jackness


Ecom India Summit

Dave Bryant

Ecommerce Expert

Ecom India Summit

Dvir Cohen

CEO of ez-commerce.net

Chandni Nihalani


Ecom India Summit

Shawn Hart

Co-founder - Post Purchase Pro

Ecom India Summit

Ritu Java

CEO and Co-founder of PPC Ninja

Ecom India Summit

Aaron Hughes

Founder, E-Commerce Wala

Ecom India Summit

John Polidan

FBMFulfillment 3PL

Ecom India Summit

Meghla Bhardwaj

India Sourcing Network

Ecom India Summit

Chris Thomas

The Australian Seller

Ecom India Summit

Margaret Jolly

India Sourcing Network

Rachna Singh

Expo Bazar

Ecom India Summit

Sammy Akhtar​

Regro Media

Kamalavel Rajendran

Mallow Tech

Rohit Chaudhary

Etsy Expert

Amar Bedi

Ecommerce Expert

Amar Lingala

Ship Global USA

Kulbahar Tiwana

7 Figure Seller

Rajat Gupta

CBM Ship

Dolon Banerjee

Seair Global

More speakers to be announced…


The Summit features an action-packed agenda that is designed to grow your business and help you learn while networking with some of the best minds in the industry.

Highlights of the summit….
Ecom Hack Contest:

Sometimes all it takes to supercharge sales is one hack, one tip, one change to the way you do things.

The Ecom Hack Contest is a unique way to learn proven tips & tricks from invited ecom experts. 

Each expert will present 1 tip or hack that has helped them grow their business – and you the audience will vote for the best one.

AI Workshop:

AI is already changing how businesses are doing ecommerce globally. If you are not taking advantage of AI, you are missing out and will fall behind. 

At the AI Workshop on Oct-7, Mike Jackness will be showing you cutting edge prompts and techniques to quickly improve (or launch) your Amazon listings, how to sound like a world class copy writer and how to create lifestyle images using AI tools.

Ritu will be sharing 10 creative ways to use Generative AI to maximize your advertising outcomes. She will share strategies that she and her team use to save more than 500 hours each month.

See full Agenda.


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question here, send as an email at info@ecomindiasummit.com

Who is this Summit for?

Ecom India Summit is for ANYONE who wants to learn how to leverage the MASSIVE opportunity of ecom to grow their business globally. Whether you are an established global brand, or a brand new aspiring seller, the content and community at the Summit WILL be profoundly valuable for your potential growth!

What topics will be covered?

From global expansion on Amazon, to the power of AI, to growing your digital footprint for your own website, we are covering a LOT! Head over to the agenda page to see more topics and the schedule.

Why Attend the Summit?

Because e-commerce is growing MASSIVELY, and so is your opportunity to GROW YOUR BUSINESS! And the BEST way to grow, is to LEARN and NETWORK with worldwide experts, sellers, and providers!

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